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What is the difference between the implicit and explicit cursors?

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PL/SQL allocates memory for the variable's at runtime or at compile time

3 Answers  

what is blob? : Sql dba

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Write the command to remove all players named sachin from the players table.

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How can u find column name from a table which have max value in a row.( not max value)

5 Answers  

when normalization is required

3 Answers   HCL,

4. Select sum(A.salary) +sum(B.salary) as TOT_SAL from ( select LEVEL emp_id,level*100 salary,case when mod (level,2)=0then 2 else null end dept_id from dual connect by level<6 )A right outer join (select level emp_id ,level*200 salary ,case when mod (level,3)=0 then 2 else null end dept_id from dual connect by level<6)B On A.dept_id=B.dept_id And A.emp_id=B.emp-id;

1 Answers   Fintellix,

What is the purpose of normalization?

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How many triggers can be implemented for a table?

3 Answers   HSBC,

what is the difference between where clause and having clause? : Sql dba

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What is difference between sql and excel?

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What are the types of sql commands?

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Can we use commit or rollback in trigger? If yes, then how. Please explain with a suitable example?

5 Answers   HSBC,