how to execute manual test cases?

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how to execute manual test cases?..

Answer / abhesheke

In manual test cases u check for the expected values(which
is all ready specfied)so taking the base document that is
SRS u check the Expected value and actual Value.

example:u have a url link in a web page say
( when u click this link(expected is
display login page) so when u click a link it should direct
u to the exact path if that is done is say that the test
case is passed.else u say it as failed

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how to execute manual test cases?..

Answer / sahithi

u have to follow the designed test steps which are
available for that particular testcase and then verify that
expected value is matching with actual value or not if it
match then result is pass, other wise fail.

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how to execute manual test cases?..

Answer / ramprasad.s


Test Cases can be executed thro Test-scenario's.
i.e. possible combination or similar combination of

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