Why is string immutable in java?

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whats is mean by connectionpooling

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wahts is mean by dynavalidatorform in struts/

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What is RMI Registry?

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What is colon_pkg_prefixes and what is its use?

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How do you set security in applets?

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when A client sent a request to the server to open facebook page and close the browser after this request .at that time the same user do login by using a different browser then that session id will exist or not for the same client??

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What is a modular application?

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What are different types of layout managers in java.awt package?

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In our urls and in the text of the buttons we have comma. Its causing an error. Is there a way to change the delimiting character for the menu arguments?

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Explain lazy activation?

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What is Lock Based Protocol and what is its use?

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What are the call back methods in entity bean?

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