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Why is string immutable in java?

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What is the purpose of the wait(), notify(), and notifyall() methods?

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Why are my checkboxes not being set from on to off?

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Are we allowed to change the transaction isolation property in middle of a transaction?

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What is the form of storage space in java?

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Is there a guarantee of uniqueness for entity beans?

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What is a sessionfactory? Is it a thread-safe object?

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What is RMI architecture?

11 Answers   Infosys,

What is Bootstrapping in RMI?

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Explain the different types of memory used by jvm?

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Where can I find seam examples and documentation?

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In connection pool,when 100 clients are requesting, in pool 100 objects is there, when another client is making request how it will work

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how team leaders assign work for the team member like through papers,word document

1 Answers   TCS,