What is multithread synchronizing ?

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What is multithread synchronizing ?..

Answer / m. abhishek

multipla threads share resources so if one thread process
using one resource at that time other thread requires this
it causes data loss or other significant errors.synchronization
maintains the thread controls over the resorces and avoid
data loss and deadlocks

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What is multithread synchronizing ?..

Answer / neha

synchronization of processes, and synchronization of
data.Process synchronization refers to the idea that
multiple processes are to join up or handshake at a certain
point, so as to reach an agreement or commit to a certain
sequence of action.Data synchronization refers to the idea
of keeping multiple copies of a dataset in coherence with
one another, or to maintain data integrity.

more detail answer at
i think it will help you

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What is multithread synchronizing ?..

Answer / harsha

It is not possible for one thread to modify a shared
variable while another thread is in the process of using or
updating same shared variable. This usually leads to
significant errors. Synchronization in respect to
multithreading controls the access of multiple threads to
shared resources.

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What is multithread synchronizing ?..

Answer / brijesh

it is a process in which therd is spread seonity

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