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When is rtm (requirement traceability matrix) prepared?

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What is race condition?

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What is test tools?

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What is quality system?

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why we perform stress-testing,resolution-testing and cross- browser testing?

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how do u know the defect report is correct or not?

3 Answers   MBT,

What is dependency testing?

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What is difference between SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 Standard?

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Hi plz provide me the ISTQB foundation level exam sample question papar . Ashutosh Dubey

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hi everyone i want to download test director,winrunner,qtp latest versions pls help me

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What is system simulation?

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What is meant by Protocol testing

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System testing is the phase where: ______________________. 1. Whole system is tested by testers 2. Whole system is testes by users 3. A particular module is been tested by the testers 4.A particular module is been tested by the users

4 Answers   Wipro,