Why does the boundary value analysis provide good test cases?

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what are the testcases for square

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write case for petrol pump?

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What could be test cases for windows calculator using risk based testing

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Hai, Could anybody please let me know, how to calculate the number of test cases required to test a program. Please provide me the answer for the following question: “What type of ticket do you require, single or return?”IF the customer wants ‘return’Ask: “What rate, Standard or Cheap-day?”IF the customer replies ‘Cheap-day’Say: “That will be $11:20”ELSESay: “That will be $19:50”ENDIFELSESay: “That will be $9:75”ENDIFNow decide the minimum number of tests that are needed to ensure that allthe questions have been asked, all combinations have occurred and allreplies given. a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6

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Pls tell me test cases for pepper grinder

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There is one scenario. On login page three fields are available i.e.Login id,Password and checkbox(having funtion remeber my password for 1 week). Please tell me test cases for checkbox.

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Can any one please help me with this? I have application, for this no KT session or FS are provided, So now i have taken bottom-top approach, by writing the system testcase using the application. But my TL told me to write regression testcase. What i understood about regression testcase is that-For one scenrio or testcase multiple data, So testing the same scanario with different multiple data. Is this right or Wrong?

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is test case required to be baselined?

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Can anybody tell test cases for the following condition? In a railway reservation form, 4 types of ticket ranges are there like a) age up to 3, NO TICKET. b) age up to 7, HALF TICKET. c) age up to 60, FULL TICKET. d) age from 61, SENIOR CITIZEN QUOTA. if you enter age into the text box the relevant message should be displayed..... Eg. FULL TICKET.

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what is not present in the test case? 1>requirment ID 2>test case ID 3>bug ID 4>objective

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how to write system test cases for a pen

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Pls can any 1 temme the test cases for an online banking proj. like account transaction summary, deposit module, savings module

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