Where to maintain information like login, password and url?

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Have you completed the cps exam? Which one?

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what is meant by framework? and when we use framework in our project ?

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What is the memory size of one object repository file in Qtp

5 Answers   Wipro,

What is tsl?

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What are the limitations of automating software testing?

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why should we choose VSTET(Visual Studio Team Edition for Testers) and not QTP?pleas give me the reasons for "WHY" we have web and client server app, supports power builder and on windows OS so this is the background of tech and envir things we have and now VSTET is good to use or not? if "NO" then tell me why

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How could the web element attributes be inspected in order to use them in different locators?

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Where do we get the QTP and Load runner softwares CDs ( Original ) in chennai

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How do you choose which automation tool is best for your specific scenario?

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Dear Friends, Please Let me know which is the open source software(Free of cost) to do cross browser Testing.

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How to get the Background color of a Tab or Button in TestComplete Tool using VBScript? I have a validation that to verify whether a particular tab or button is highlighted or not. When the tab or button is highlighted the background color will be in Yellow color.If i get the background color then its easy for us to validate whether its highlighted or not. Can anybody help me on this?. Thanks in Advance.

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What is Bidirectional Tracebility, how u use it.

2 Answers   Covansys,