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what the difference between shared repository and per action repository?

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What is the difference between Keyword Driven test and Data Driven test?

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What is the concept of firewalls?

2 Answers   CTS,

hi gavasker i want how to merg OR's in QTP 8.2 by QTP Plus

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Deal All, Recently i face one interview question in one company. str="test12@#3456" In This i want to print like special character and numeric ,word in one script please tell me how to write the code for this Thanks Balaji

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Why VB scripts are used in QTP and TSL in Winrunner, is there any advantage of using VB Scripts

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2 Answers   IGT,

Got job with 3 years fake Experience

1 Answers   MNC,

hi all here i have tab named "Workbench" By clicking on "workbench" displays 4 tabs like below workbench common cargo commercial charter "common" tab have 10tabs inside,"cargo" tab also haveing 15 tabs inside and remaining two tabs also having few tabs inside. when clicked on "common" displaying the script like tab("workbench").select"common" if i clicked on "cargo".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_2").select"cargo" if i clicked on "commercial".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_3").select"commercial" if i clicked on "charter".it displaying the script like tab"workbench_4").select"charter" I have used a "FOR LOOP" for common,commercial,cargo,charter was stopped at second tab SO, CAN I RECOGNIZE "WORKBENCH_2,_3,_4" AS A SINGLE VARIABLE if not, can anyone plese help me to solve this

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How does QTP identifies the object in the application?

1 Answers   Crea,

WHAT IS THE DESCRIPTIVE programming when it is useful? & when to use this ?

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Explain the parameter in qtp?

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Explain how Does Run time data (Parameterization) is handled in QTP?

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