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what is a difference between public and private accounting?

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What is departmental accounting? Give an example

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hi i want to run vendor debit memo after he paid all amount i want to give discount through miro i am giving the price and quantity and run in through miro the system will pass another two more line iteams extra and shwoing dr/cr balance +/- when i will increase the amount this is also increasing what is the reason i dont know please send me immediately

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what is casual receipt? is it exmpted in income tax?

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how to pass journal entry when cash received in the form of gold or other form?

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what is tds? how this tds deducted? what is percentage? how to calculate? what is the procesure?

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iam working with tally ERP.9,but iam dont prepared reconciliation,trial balance,profit&loss,balance sheet etc.bcoz all these activicties done in head office.plz give me citeria where iam prepared.

0 Answers   IBM,

what is reserve capital

8 Answers   Capital IQ,

What are the request will be submitted at the time of running payment batches

0 Answers   Accenture,

what is direct expensive?

5 Answers   JK Associates,

IFRS and its applicability in India

2 Answers   CA,

what are the different types of expenditures considered for the purpose of accounting?

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what is basic general accounting.

0 Answers   Genpact, Helios Pharmaceuticals,