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What is the difference of cost accounting and financial accounting?

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If salary paid per month Rs.60000/-I will deduct TDS from his salary per month

1 Answers   Sunrise,

What is Journal Entry of Depreciation ?

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Why Is The Distinction Between Product Costs And Period Costs Important?

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being a student, am i eligible to work in accounting sector. If yes what all i need to do.???

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what is the difference in direct expenses and indirect expenses?

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why assets are shown at their historical cost price but not at their current price bcoz we are following historical cost concept. but this will not reveal correct financial position of the business.give reason

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Topic contra entry; How to post cash withdrawn from bank for office work? the journals to be passed?

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How do I charge bank charges on payments to clients

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our company given party to employees. this expenditure which account head booked ? please tell me

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what is profit & Loss Appropriation A/c. why it is prepered? what are its benefit for a company.

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Do you have any idea about gst?

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