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How can I find out if there are characters available for reading?

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What will be your course of action for a push operation?

0 Answers  

Write a small C program to determine whether a machine's type is little-endian or big-endian.

5 Answers   nvidia,

biggest of two no's with out using if condition statement

5 Answers  

What the advantages of using Unions?

0 Answers   TISL,

Magic square

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What does the function toupper() do?

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Why does not use getgh(); and <conio.h> in c language.

3 Answers   Elofic,

What are disadvantages of C language.

0 Answers   iNautix,

What is an lvalue in c?

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Explain what are multidimensional arrays?

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can a union be self-referenced?

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If a five digit number is input through the keyboard, write a program to print a new number by adding one to each of its digits.For example if the number that is input is 12391 then the output should be displayed as 23402

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