Explain data encapsulation?

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What are friend classes? What are advantages of using friend classes?

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Why struct is used in c++?

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how many rounds and wt type of questios ask in the written test for first round 2. tech. round 3. and futher rounds

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In a class, there is a reference or pointer of an object of another class embedded, and the memory is either allocated or assigned to the new object created for this class. In the constructor, parameters are passed to initialize the data members and the embedded object reference to get inialized. What measures or design change should be advised for proper destruction and avioding memory leaks, getting pointers dangling for the embedded object memory allocation? Please suggest.

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Explain linked list using c++ with an example?

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Give an example of run-time polymorphism/virtual functions.

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when can we use virtual destructor?

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Can we use this pointer inside static member function?

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Can we make any program in c++ without using any header file and what is the shortest program in c++.

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What do you mean by Stack unwinding?

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Do you know what are static and dynamic type checking?

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Why is it difficult to store linked list in an array?

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