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What is the sequence of destruction of local objects?

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What is compilation?

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How to stop conversions among objects?

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Can you write a function similar to printf()?

0 Answers  

List out some of the OODBMS available?

1 Answers  

How the virtual functions maintain the call up?

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Implement a 2 dimensional array by one dimentional array

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How to write Multithreaded applications using C++?

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When should you use multiple inheritance?

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Can I have a reference as a data member of a class? If yes, then how do I initialise it?

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I want to write a C++ language program that: 1. Reads in the size of a square from the screen; 2. Prints a hollow square of that size out of “-“, “|” and blanks on screen; 3. Prints the same hollow square onto a text file. The program should work for squares of all side sizes between 1 and 20.

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What is class definition in c++ ?

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Implement strncpy

3 Answers