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Difference between image checkpoint and bitmap checkpoint

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Difference between image checkpoint and bitmap checkpoint..

Answer / sreeprasad

In Bitmap checkpoint, we can compare the exact images,means

the source image(in Build1) with the destination image(in

build2). So it compare the exact image between both the

builds. Here, even we can check the part of images between

source and destination.

where as in Image check point, we can check all the values

and properties of an image. Ex. The destination address

once we click on the image, image type etc.

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Difference between image checkpoint and bitmap checkpoint..

Answer / naren

1. Image check point can be added using Standard Checkpoint
option whereas separate option is available for Bitmap
2. image check point will be used to verify the properties
of the image type object class whereas Bitmap check point
can be used for any area of the application as a bitmap(x,y

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