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WHAT IS THE DESCRIPTIVE programming when it is useful? &

when to use this ?

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WHAT IS THE DESCRIPTIVE programming when it is useful? & when to use this ?..

Answer / sreeprasad

1st Descriptive Programming is all about identifying an object


descriptive programming in QTP means whenever qtp facing

dificulty with obj identification then we will go with

regular exp or desc prog it means identifying obj unique

prop from the script itself.ex:vbwindow("").vbedit

("attached text:=username").set cdbjd

2nd answer

without using the objectrepository, and by using the

objectspy we will write the DESCRIPTIVE programming .when

ever we will go to DESCRIPTIVE programming :-

(1).when ever objects are dynamicaly changing.

(2).when ever QTP is not going to recognise the objects.

(3).when ever objectrepository size is huge automatically QTP

wil get down slow.

(4).when ever not yet develop the build then only we will use

DESCRIPTIVE programming .

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WHAT IS THE DESCRIPTIVE programming when it is useful? & when to use this ?..

Answer / anand

without using object repository and writing the script
using properties of objects is the descriptive programming.
by using this programming we can write the sscript at the
time of design need to wait for completion of
code and we can save the memory of object
repository,because the repository stores properties of
every objects at each occurence.due to this there may be
slow down of tool performance.we should have one project
experiance for writing the script at design phase.
if any queries call me at

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