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Analyzing the checpoint results?

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what is the difference between xmlutil and xmlDOM in qtp?

2 Answers  

How to get line numbers in your editor in expert view?

1 Answers  

How to handle run time errors?

9 Answers  

What is a programmatic description?

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i'm using QTP 8.2, How should i select(browse) object repository from desktop(or from local local drives like C:\,D:\)?. Note:- object repository to select(browse) is been sent by some other person who is using QTP 9.0

1 Answers  

Does QTP record on Objects created on XWindows Environment?

0 Answers   Infotech,

HOW TO AUTOMATE CAPCHA IMAGES while creating Gmail account

2 Answers   TCS,

I am a newbie to QTP / Automation testing. I want to develop a script that creates a data file automatically with proper headings using VBScript in QTP.

0 Answers   Adea Solutions,

Hi iam shankar here, right now iam working on manual testing. i want to switch over automation tool qtp, right now iam taking training class outside on qtp, please let me know the cost of QTP tool for full version, wether it's an annual subscription or monthly subscription.

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What is debugging? How you debug your script?

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write a script to validate the content in the web application. (do it by OR method) and (do it by Descriptive method by creating a description object..

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Suppose I want to use Index value of "WinEdit" in my script .But it is showing None in "Ordinal identifier" value of Testobject Details in the Object Repository.How to enable Ordinal Identifiers to capture the Index value of that particular WinEdit. I have selected "index" and clicked "OK" from Tools-> Object Identification Again I added same WinEdit to the Object repository But I did not get Index value..Please any one help me.How to enable Ordinal indentifiers

1 Answers