What is mac address size of ipv6?

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What does the meaning of interface 0/0?

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Port selection is done at which layer of OSI reference model?????

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What is the standard ISDN term for a non-native analog telephone? A.) TE1 B.) TA C.) LE D.) TE2 E.) ET

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what is the purpose of multicast packets?

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what is used for passive intercae comand mine answer-to prevent to take update from outside

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Identify the OSI layer associated with bits? A.) Physical B.) Network C.) Binary D.) Data link

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A banana plantation is located next to a desert. The plantation owner has 3000 bananas that he wants to transport to the market by camel, across a 1000 kilometre stretch of desert. The owner has only one camel, which carries a maximum of 1000 bananas at any moment in time, and eats one banana every kilometre it travels. What is the largest number of bananas that can be delivered at the market?

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How does the cut-through switching technique work? A.) By using broadcast address as source addresses B.) The switch waits only for the header to be received before it checks the destination address and starts forwarding the packets C.) The LAN switch copies the entire frame into its onboard buffers and then looks up the destination address in its forwarding, or switching, table and determines the outgoing interface D.) By using a Class I repeater in a collision domain

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Tell me CCNA Course + Dump Q/A in chennai?

2 Answers   Microsoft, Wipro,

When the router runs out of buffer space, this is called ________. A. Source Quench B. Redirect C. Information Request D. Low Memory

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Which of the following describe full-duplex transmission? A.) Uses a single wire B.) Data transmission in both directions, but only one way at a time C.) Uses a point-to-point connection from the transmitter of the transmitting station to the receiver of the receiving station D.) Data transmission in only one direction

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Is it possible that in a switched network that any port of the switch can be infected with any kind of viruses that jamed and create more traffic in network which cause slow network performance?

8 Answers   HCL,