P?s father is Q?s son. M is the paternal uncle of P and N is
the brother of Q. How is N related to M ?

(1) Brother

(2) Nephew

(3) Cousin

(4) Data inadequate

(5) None of these

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Answer / guest

( 5 ) None of these

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Answer / guest

none of these

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Answer / sabarish

(5) none of these

..its uncle actually

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Answer / me

None of these
N is M's uncle.

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Answer / uttama


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Answer / vishalkadam12

Ans is None of this-------ans is Uncle

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Answer / rose


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Answer / raviteja900

F and M are brother if M is paternal uncle of P.

Q and N are brothers

so M is also a son of Q

so M is nephew of N

answer: (2)Nephew

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Answer / sapna

q is p's grandfather, m is p's uncle so m is q's son .since
n is q's brother so, m is n's nephew.

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Answer / guest


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