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what are the different types of expenditures considered for the purpose of accounting?

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1. What do u mean by custom duty? 2. How can u prepare Salary Statement in Company? 3. how much amount will pay to a cotractor through T.D.S ?

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Why did you choose the a-levels you did?

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why creditors a/c dr. to discount received a/c ?

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what is the differece between salary and remuneration?

3 Answers  

Please explain about Bad debts (Old & New) and Bad doutful debts?

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what are the voucher entries in tally for medical insurance

0 Answers   ABC,

how can i calculate annual turnover for a construction company

6 Answers   Coss Construction Company, Sun Construction,

In Which Group "goodwill Written off account " will come?

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Explain what is liabilities and what all does include in current liabilities?

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What are the most important goals of accounts receivable?

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In the case of stock transfer from one branch to another branch any reverse credit is applicable.

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what is bills receviables?

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