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What is portfolio manager responsibilities?

What is portfolio manager responsibilities?..

Answer / haalubari

planning implementation management of company

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Tell me do you possess any knowledge about accounting standards?

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Do you know retail banking?

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If any company paid taxi fare to staff for special work how can i post it in tally example if Ram get 500 for taxi fare to return home late night due to official work.

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What is Normal Loss? and What is the reason for Debiting such Loss in P&L account and also Crediting in Trading Account? and how the Loss should be accounted?

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Hello Friends, I am Vinod Rawat & want some tips of interview question for the post of accountant in a reputed company Pls. Given Examples.

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In our company we are making payment through X bank and again we opened a new account in Y bank and we deposited cash in this bank rs.10000.and cash is used from X bank. then what will be the entry & how to adjust with old bank

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I took printer from stock, previously I purchased this printer for £60 plus Vat. What entries do I need to put through the books?

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What is consolidated financial statement.

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What is the cost of goods sold?

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Ramu started business with rs 1000000.give me journal entry. plz explain brefily

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what is enty of income tax paid by company.& what is group of income tax paid.

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What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat Cheque dishonoured?

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