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Saccharin is made up of

(a) Toluene

(b) Phenol

(c) Propane

(d) Butane

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Saccharin is made up of (a) Toluene (b) Phenol (c) Propane (d) Butane..

Answer / jigar patel

(a) Toluene

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Saccharin is made up of (a) Toluene (b) Phenol (c) Propane (d) Butane..

Answer / chitrang

toluene as given in Wikipedia

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Saccharin is made up of (a) Toluene (b) Phenol (c) Propane (d) Butane..

Answer / bobby


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Saccharin is made up of (a) Toluene (b) Phenol (c) Propane (d) Butane..

Answer / guest

( c ) Propane

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