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The Khajuraho temples were constructed by:

(a) the Parmar rulers

(b) the Chandel rulers

(c) the Solanki rulers

(d) Lalitaditya

The Khajuraho temples were constructed by: (a) the Parmar rulers (b) the Chandel rulers ..

Answer / guest

( b ) the Chandel rulers

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What is the distance of running in a marathon race? (a) 26 miles (b) 26 miles 405 yards (c) 26 miles 385 yards (d) 26 miles 180 yards

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Identify the Navratna Company in the following: (a) ICICI Bank (b) Infosys (c) HPCL Ltd (d) Air India

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A person to be elected as a Member of House of People (Lok Sabha) must be (a) 25 years old (b) 30 years old (c) 35 years old (d) 50 years old

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A climate where precipitation received is less than potential evaporation is called: (a) desert climate (b) arid climate (c) tropical climate

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SWOT 1 An analysis 2 An agreement 3 A mechanism 4 An embargo

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Which is the oldest mountain range of India? 1 Himalayas 2 Satpuras 3 Vindhyas 4 Aravallis

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The number of unpaired electrons in Mn2+ is 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5

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Insulin is secreted in ? a) Pituitary b) Liver c) Pancreas d) Parathyroid

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Which one of the following Directive Principles is a socialistic principle? (a) Prevention of concentration of wealth and the means of production (b) Equal pay for equal work to all (c) Protection of the health of workers (d) All of these

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The constitution of India is designed to work as a unitary government ? a) In normal times b) In times of emergency c) When the parliament so desires d) At the will of the President

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The Union Government meets the financial needs of the States through: (a) devolution of revenues (b) grants in and of state revenues (c) giving loans (d) all the above

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The objective of fundamental rights in our constitution is to provide ? a) Better material conditions to the citizens b) Social Justice c) Equality and freedom to all citizens d) Economic Justice

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