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What you need to do is issue an ase kill command on the connection then un-suspend the db?

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Can I run any transact-sql command on a partitioned table in sybase?

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What do you mean by deferred update in sybase?

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How to start and stop sybase database in linux sap?

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How do I create a database in sybase central?

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What happen when we delete the table using trigger?

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How to compute database fragmentation in sybase?

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How can set the multipal database ?

0 Answers   CitiGroup,

How to implement if-then-else in a select clause in sybase?

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What is the maximum nesting level of Stored Procedure and Triggers in Sybase?

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There is no space in file system and you need to take a back up. What will you do?

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How do I configure identities in sybase?

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Sybase 12.5 Database Statistics (Maximum)

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