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How do we accept inputs from user during runtime?

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In a table i have columns A,B,C and i have a composite index on columns A,B if so will the following query uses index or not? SELECT sal,name FROM <table_name> WHERE A=<value> AND B=<value> AND C=<value>;

2 Answers   Mastek,

what are the forced views

6 Answers   Hexaware, TCS,

what are date and time data types in mysql? : Sql dba

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pl/sql testing means what ...... explain process how to find pl/sql bugs

1 Answers   Zensar,

what is the command for user data type?

2 Answers  

How do you define a foreign key?

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How to get help at the sql prompt?

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How do you explain an index number?

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define sql insert statement ? : Sql dba

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Explain the working of foreign key?

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What is a sql trace file?

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Types of cursors and explanation each of them ?

4 Answers   DELL,