what is the real process dealt in load runner,starting from
getting the requirement till submitting the
deliverables,when a tester is provided with the scenarios?
if any real time user could answer it would be very useful
for me.also i need what are the real time bottlenecks u
have undergone

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what is the real process dealt in load runner,starting from getting the requirement till submittin..

Answer / prasanna_ny

Let me explain you in detail the different phases in load

1.create test script using VIRTUAL USER GENERATOR(VuGen),
and enhance your script by inserting checkpoints,adding
loop/conditional statements/logic based on your requirement,
parameterizing the test for multiple set of data.
You can also run the script in VuGen for debugging purpose.
2.create scenarios using LoadRunner CONTROLLER.Edit load
settings,run-time settings, stop settings and configure the
load machines to generate load (vusers) and run the script
for different number of Vusers(as per your requirement).
Monitor different graphs like Transaction response time,
avg.transaction response time,hits per seconds,error
statistics ,throughput,window resource,web resource,data
resource, web resource to analyze the performance of your
system/application, server response time,how many
transactions passed or failed , CPU/DISK or MEMORY
usuage ,etc....
3. The errors could be HTTP errors like HTTP
500,501,502,503,504,505,509 etc......... i.e. internal
server error,gateway timeout, service unavailable,etc....

Hope it Helps!!!!!!!


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what is the real process dealt in load runner,starting from getting the requirement till submittin..

Answer / kalpana

1.Planning the test
2.Creating the Vuser script
3.Creating the Scenario
4.Running the Scenario
5.Monitoring the scenario
6.Analyzing the test results.

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what is the real process dealt in load runner,starting from getting the requirement till submittin..

Answer / raju

1.Understand the Architecture(high Level) of the
application under test
2.Planning the test
3.Creating the Vuser script
4.Creating the Scenario
5.Running the Scenario
6.Monitoring the scenario
7.Analyzing the test results.

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what is the real process dealt in load runner,starting from getting the requirement till submittin..

Answer / ganesh

no those answers are not real time answers, any real timer can explain clearly from starting stage to ending stage for load runner

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