What are the important aspects of a test case?

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can you test an application in silk test that is running on another system?

2 Answers   Infosys,

I'm involved in automation using silk test of an swing application running in a browser. There is a window whose name is a dynamic. i.e based on the input(eg: some filename) the window name keeps on changing. I need to capture the window name for every run of silk test case for different input filenames. I'm aware of GetName() in SilkTest, but its not working for me. Can anybody suggest me any logic to achieve this using silktest?

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Define PEER Review ,what it contains & What we discuss in that meeting.

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What are testplan attributes?

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Can u Tell me why we use Advanced tool like Silk Test other than QTP, Or WIN RUNNER And others what is the advantage of these compared o others

4 Answers   Wipro,

How to define values for a testplan attribute?

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How to open an existing silktest project?

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can any one please tell me the full form of .g.t in silktest datadriven method

0 Answers   STC,

What is present in review report .

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What is the vo browser extension?

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How to run a test case from a test script file?

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Which tag in silk is the most reliable in a scenario where content and order of object change frequently?

5 Answers   IBM,