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Can we customise the result file?

Can we customise the result file? ..

Answer / neela

yes we can customize

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why silk test sees each objects as custom windows?

1 Answers   BMC,

What is the perpose of user-defined base state method?

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what is the operator for carriage return(Enter) in Silk Test for File.

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Is there any way of passing values at runtime? Like scanf does in C.

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What is silktest project?

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How can i used If Else statement in Silk Test. And my table name is login how can i get rowcount in the table having

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What statement in for test is used to transfer control of the script out of the innermost nested for, for each, while switch or selected statement?

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what is the use of exception handling in Silk Test and how to use the commands?

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can we test the application by inserting checkpoints using silktest as we do in qtp and winrunner and also what are the automation frameworks in silktest

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What is stored in a test frame?

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Want to lear from basic about silktest and how to write scripts. Please let me know if you know any website

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What are testplan attributes?

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