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how to maintain review reports

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What are the essential elements needed for database testing

3 Answers  

How do the test cases differ for Functional,Integration,System and User Acceptance Testing???

2 Answers   iFlex,

What is difference between static and dynamic and testing?

3 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)

0 Answers  

What is compatibility testing? Is there any certification available for testing, like MCP etc..?

4 Answers  

What is the diffrence between product base company and application company ? if product base name few products,if service base name the few services.

4 Answers   Covansys,

How would you ensure 100% coverage of testing?

2 Answers  

Please give me any example of High severity and Low priority type of bug ?

7 Answers   TCS,

Is there any opening for Manual testing for 0-1 yrs?

0 Answers  

Mention five negative testcases for Gtalk?

1 Answers   TCS,

is it true that sanity and smoke testing done by developer to test the basic functionality whether its working correctly or not before proceeding further testing

4 Answers  

What is the difference between Retesting and Data Driven Testing?

3 Answers