What is good code?

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What is good code?..

Answer / rad

These are some important qualities of good code

Cleanliness: Clean code is easy to read; this lets people
read it with minimum effort so that they can understand it

Consistency: Consistent code makes it easy for people to
understand how a program works; when reading consistent
code; one subconsciously forms a number of assumptions and
expectations about how the code works, so it is easier and
safer to make modifications to it.

Extensibility: General-purpose code is easier to reuse and
modify than very specific code with lots of hard coded
assumptions. When someone wants to add a new feature to a
program, it will obviously be easier to do so if the code
was designed to be extensible from the beginning.

Correctness: Finally, code that is designed to be correct
lets people spend less time worrying about bugs and more
time enhancing the features of a program.

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What is good code?..

Answer / radhika

A code whether it is good or bad can be known only if it is
tested. So good coding ,results in low bug density(Low
severity +Low prioirity defects or no defects at all)

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What is good code?..

Answer / rajeshwar rao

A good code which is===1. Bug free.2.
reusable.3.independent.4.less complaxcity.5.well documented
easy to change is called good code

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