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What should Development require of QA?

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How do you decide you have tested enough?

0 Answers  

How would you prioritise your tests

1 Answers  

How frequently is your project audited? How do you know the result of these audits?

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what is defect density

6 Answers   Accenture, Ness Technologies, Thatavarti Technologies,

What is workflow testing?

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Explain what is the rule of a "test driven development"?

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What are the types of performance testing ?

10 Answers  

What is conversion testing?

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What if there is not enough time for thorough testing?

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What and where are the policy statements that dictate quality assurance in your project?

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What is application binary interface (abi)?

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can u explain what is concurrancy in testing

3 Answers   Sapient,