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Do you know about the new features in ASP.Net MVC 4 ?

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Explain the role of assembly in the .net framework.

0 Answers  

How do you do role based security ?

1 Answers   Accenture, BirlaSoft,

What are the possible razor view extensions?

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What is routeconfig.cs in mvc 4?

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give the feature of .net2.0 over .net1.1

6 Answers  

What's the difference between const and readonly ?

2 Answers  

Explain how to use multiple submit buttons in ASP.Net MVC?

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What does a viewmodel do?

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What are the 2 ways of adding constraints to a route?

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what is mean by versioning? Please answer me. Advance thanks.

2 Answers   Excel,

How does work clr?

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How to identify the Code which Complies corresponding Compiler in .NET? Means Suppose, i am taking One project A.. in which code is implemented using C# langugge. And Another Project Which Code is implemented using VB.NET. Suppose I am creating Project C. i am adding Reference of Project A and B to Project C. So, in Project C, how to identify Project A is Complied through CSCompliler? And Project B is Compiled VBCompiler at Runtime?

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