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Suggest and Define a solution for an application whose objects are not recognized by UFT?

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How to get data from excel sheet to the script? write the script.

6 Answers   Ever, Liquid Hub,

What is the dis advantage of check points in QTP, if any?

6 Answers   BirlaSoft,

write progamming connecting QTP to database sql? this is question asked by interview? please give sql, pl/sql related answer?pls any answer this?

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What are the different recording modes?

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Is it possible to return multiple values from a function..? Then how..?

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BEst INstitute for QTP & SELENIUM

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Hi, Can anyone tell me what type questions can be ashed in interview on QTP?

1 Answers  

Hi, I am working on microsoft infopath forms..It is standalone form..(not dotnet or web.) . I am not able to indentify any objects in it.. I am currently using active accessibility in the macro for the same but its execution is too slow.. Kindly help in case you have better solution.

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Give me diffrent script in QTP for Webpage(Java and .Net),WindowsBased Applications,Java application,.Net application...

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What are the versions of qtp,What are the differences b/n them?

1 Answers   TCS,

What is meant by Environmental variables?2 types r there know…can u pls explain clearly?

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Explain the difference between data driven testing and parameterization ?

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