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Which one of the following Indian birds is highly endangered species?

a) Golden Oriole

b) Great Indian Bustard

c) Indian Fantail Pigeon

d) Indian Sunbird

Which one of the following Indian birds is highly endangered species? a) Golden Oriole b) Grea..

Answer / sumit verma


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Which of the following countries won the tri-nation Coca-Cola Cup cricket trophy held in October, 1999 at Sharjah? 1 India 2 Pakistan 3 Sri Lanka 4 Australia

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Find the odd term out: (A) MS-DOS (B) C++ (C) UNIX (D) Windows 95

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the sole power to control the expenditure of the government rests with

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Gopichand Narang who was recently in news is a famous author of 1 Urdu language 2 Hindi language 3 Punjabi language 4 Bengali language

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The charcoal use to decolorizes raw sugar is 1 Animal charcoal 2 Sugar charcoal 3 Coconut charcoal 4 Wood charcoal

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The Ninety-First Amendment of the Constitution places a restriction on the Council of Ministers not to exceed the total membership of Lok Sabha (a) 5 percent (b) 7 percent (c) 10 percent (d) 15 percent

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