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how to read database records without locking them?

how to read database records without locking them?..

Answer / akash singh

Put 'N' in position 53 of C specs.

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What would be the output of the variable result? D RESULT S 5S O INZ(00011) C EVAL RESULT = %TRIM(RESULT) Please give me the correct answer for this A.0001 b.compile time error c.11 d.Runtime error

5 Answers  

How can you identify End of file in CLP program?

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what is the maximum number of records you can specify in a display file?

1 Answers   IBM,

What is the purpose of the following C/COPY QRPGSRC, ORDERR

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how a varible can be passed to a subfile...accnt1 contain data in a data Daccnt1 uds,Daccnt2 3 overlay(accnt1:1), DNo 4 overlay(accnt1:4)..we want to transfer this dataarea value from acnt0001 to a subfile..that means to enter each record we have to incriment account no,, i normal window we can do move accnt1 account_no eval account_no=accnt1 eval no=no+1 exfmt usr_account how it possible with Subfile????????.Please do answer? (Thank you for all your answers dear friends!!)

1 Answers   CTS,

how many printer files can be defined in f specs ?

1 Answers   IBM,

can you specify a display file to be used in the following modes input,output, or combined modes ?

1 Answers   IBM,

What is the use of OVRPRTF ?

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What are the functions of Remote Job Entry (RJE) ?

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what is the difference between clear and reset opcodes and open and close opcodes?please tell me in real time senario with example please? And What is the use of SFLNXTCHG?Where we can use this?

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What are the types of data structure in as400?

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how can I control from my cgis the cache of a remote browser?

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