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What is a query can be displayed without saving it?

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Q. Soppose one job is running in a batch mode for long time now i want to kill(end)this batch job.How you will achive this?

4 Answers   IBM,

What is the function of DSPATR (display attributes) keyword?

1 Answers  

what is library?

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under given circumstances, my cgi should link to another site. How to implement this?

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How to create a user defined (general) data area?

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1) Suppose we call a pgm from CL, how come AS400 system knows whether the called pgm is to be interactive one or batch one? 2)How many members can exist in a PF?

7 Answers  

what is message file?

0 Answers   IBM,

difference between sflrcdnbr and sflnxtchg?

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How to create a data queues?

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if we tried to move year part of *iso date into a field of length 3, what will happen ?

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give three main purposes of file specification ?

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Define a Job Queue?

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