Why we are not able to perform insert delete and update operation in Join logical file?

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Can anybody please tell me what is difference between SQL (STRSQL ) and WRKQRY .....?

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What is the difference between a Physical File & a Logical?

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(1)In Cl Program,Are PGM and ENDPGM mandatery Keywords or not .If yes, please tell me why these keywords is necessary. (2)If we will not define these two keywords (PGMand ENDPGM) then any error will be come or not.

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Hi,Can any body give the code for the below mentioned quetion.?Im trying to get coding in with easily inderstanding.Plese give me the coding for this? 1.How would you achieve this requirement with out using RPG/RPGLE pgm,but by using only CL?Read a database file and display file contents on the screen when enter key pressed the next record should be displayed on screen.When the last record is reached or when F3 key is pressed the program should exit if the file is empty,a message should be displayed indicate that there are no records to display. Database file Name=EMPDBF Fields in EMPDBF to be displayed on screen Employee Number- EMPNUM(5,0) Employee Name- EMPNAM(30,A) Employee Address-EMP ADDR(50 A)

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What is the benefit of using Externally Described files over Internally Described?

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Q.How primary file can be defined in RPG/400?Please write the senario with opcode specification?

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diffrence between rename and prefix

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what is RCLRSC?

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What are the steps to retrieve the records from Journal file...?

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i have recently moved to hyd. i would like to know which is the best institue to learn AS400. are there any in ameerpet? thanks.

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Good morning my experts.Im kuppi.im working as a software trainee on AS/400 technology.i have also joined with ibmi5 team.im trying to convert date with cl/400 coding.I have taken 2 parameters(like date and date types). A. If suppose date type is j,Now i want to convert date to *MDY format B. if date type is M,now i want to convert date to *JUL format C. sending a Program message with the value of converted date.

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Hi Friends, I need immediately answer for this: Senario is that,I am selecting records from the display and window subfile on the basis of Reason Code and some more fields but spool file not showing the same records which i have selected by display and window subfile. Q.What could be the causes(resons)to not show records properly (just selected in the display file and Window subfile)according the selection criteria of the records. Q.What would be the solutions to show records properly in the spool file just as selected in in the display file and window subfile according to the selection criteria.

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