Examine the impact of industrialization on demography, urbanization and family in 19th century Europe?

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Explain the salient features of Asoka's policy of dharma and evaluate its impact on the downfall of the Mauryan dynasty.

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Differentiate between Paleolithic cultures and Mesolithic cultures.

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The green revolution is a mixed blessing for India. Do you agree?

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what is a sub contient

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Explain about the changes in the society of India between 600 B.C and 300 A.D.?

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philippine on independent nation?

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Which Mughal emporer also known as "Zinda Pir"? (a) Aurangzeb; (b) Akbar; (c) Shahjahan; (d) Babar

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Discuss the evidence for slavery provided by Ibn Battuta.

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Was the rise of militarism in Japan due to the failure of parliamentary democracy?

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Explain about the political and economic issues in the American Revolution?

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who wrote 'passage to england'

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Explain about the French Revolution and its European repercussions?

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