Enter the following in the petty cash book, using appropriate expenditure column headings. the book is kept in the the amount of imprest system. the amount of imprest is #40,000

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All Business transactions are not Accounting transactions. Do you agree

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what is debtors?

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sir, how to passes opening stock entry in tally9 when i pass entry purchases

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what is the use of special general ledger if the normal trasaction in usage.

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What do you mean by the working-capital of an organization??? How is it calculated????? Also Define the importance of liquidity ratio along with its formula.

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I am Lavanya i have been selected in HR round in HP INVENT and i have Operation round as next round may i know what will they ask here and after this what is the next round?????

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Which balance for profit ? debit or credit? also which balance for Opening Stock?

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How can we calculate Goodwill of a firm?

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waht is the menaing of accounts payble?

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What are day-books?

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example: thing that u have order 100 goods from the vendor, and he delivered only 80 goods,but he invoice u for 100 goods, then what will be u doing in this suitation?

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