Enter the following in the petty cash book, using appropriate expenditure column headings. the book is kept in the the amount of imprest system. the amount of imprest is #40,000

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If in a PO, the freight condition is mentioned as Air freight and the material is actually received by Road, how does the system check before making the necessary accounting entries?

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what is repo rate?

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What is account? What is finance? What do you mean by finance and accounts?

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what is net worth

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When and who prepares Letter of credit and is any relation with bill of exchange? pleas breaf with examle.

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In case of cement plant we have to capitalizee locomotive engine my question is about the rate of depreciation on SM basis and category in which it should be capitalize?

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Received credit note for Rs 3500 towards transport charges on the goods supplied from Vinod traders. The transport charges were already paid at the time of delivery. Pass entries at the time of payment of transport and for credit note

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Expand ________DAVP

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You configured new asset accounting with three depreciation areas that post in real time. You need to do a partial scrapping to an asset in transaction type. How many document does the transaction create ?( any 1 answer) 1 3 4 6

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What Do You Mean By A Business Event?

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