what are sequences

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how to remove records from table? no name 1 a 2 b 1 a 2 b 3 c

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what are sequences

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using comand prompt how can import table data and table space with example

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What is the main difference between a UNION statement and a UNION ALL statement? 1. A UNION statement eliminates duplicate rows; a UNION ALL statement includes duplicate rows. 2. A UNION statement can be used to combine any number of queries; a UNION ALL statement can be used to combine a maximum of two queries. 3. A UNION statement can only combine queries that have parallel fields in the SELECT list; a UNION ALL statement can combine queries with differing SELECT list structures. 4. A UNION statement cannot be used with aggregate functions; a UNION ALL statement can be used with aggregate functions. 5. There is no difference between the two statements; they are interchangeable.

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How to find the count of letter "L" in HELLO

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i have xml source. xml source having lacks of records. i want extract/retrive xml source data using sql query. please tell me how to write query.

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there are 2 variables called x and y ,x contains 1,2 and y contains 3,4 we have to swap the values from x to y and y to x with out using dummy variables and it can be done only by using a single statement ? how?

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I have a tablle like this. cust acc --------------- a 1 b 2|3 c 4|5|6 I Want below o/p: cust acc ----------- a 1 b 2 b 3 c 4 c 5 c 6 Please any one can you have any ideas share me. I have urgent requirement.

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suppose we have a table in which 200 rows. i want to find 101 row ? what the query.... and how we find 4th and 5th highest salary and 1 to 10 highest salary

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what is the difference between implicit and explicit trigger

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why use cursors?

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What is Referential Integrity?

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