What are local and global Indexes and where they are useful.

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how to check the 3rd max salary from an employee table? One of the queries used is as follows: select sal from emp a where 3=(select count(distinct(sal)) from emp b where a.sal<=b.sal). Here in the sub query "select count(distinct(sal)) from emp b where a.sal<=b.sal" or "select count(distinct(sal)) from emp b where a.sal=b.sal" should reveal the same number of rows is in't it? Can any one here please explain me how is this query working perfectly. However, there is another query to get the 3rd highest of salaries of employees that logic I can understand. Pls find the query below. "select min(salary) from emp where salary in(select distinct top 3 salary from emp order by salary desc)" Please explain me how "select sal from emp a where 3=(select count(distinct(sal)) from emp b where a.sal<=b.sal)" works source:http://www.allinterview.com/showanswers/33264.html. Thanks in advance Regards, Karthik.

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what is the bond code in materialized view?

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What is Data Concarency and Consistency?

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package specification-3 procedures package body-2 procedures will is execute

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I have a table with 1 million records out of which 10,000 records are of unique records, then if I will implement index, then which type of index shall I use and why shall I use?

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How to display the contents of a current record fetched in a reference cursor?

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Store procedure will return a value?

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Difference between DBMS and RDBMS...CODD's rules

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What is extent clause in table space?

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which will fire first ? Trigger or Constraint

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how a reference cursor works?what all adnvantages are gained with it..specify the situation?

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wtite down triggr not any entry on Sunday

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