What are local and global Indexes and where they are useful.

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What will be the output of this Query? select to_char(trunc(add_months(sysdate-3),mm),mm/dd/yyyy) from dual

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in a package one procedure is wrong package shows valid or not

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Write a query to find the employees from EMP table those who have joined in Monday. (there is a column as hiredate which is a date column i.e values are like 03-DEC-81)

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What is pl/sql and what is it used for?

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Types of indexes. What is the default key created when a primary key is created in a table ?

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i don't want the message as 14 rows updated just it should update what it will do

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Can procedure in package be overloaded?

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Do view contain data?

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in sql table follw columns r their vehicle_no|servicetype|date|location| 1234 |1FS |1-JAN|PUNE| 4561 |2FS |5-JAN|PUNE| 1234 |PS |7-JAN|PUNE| 1234 |PS |15-JAN|MUMB| i want o/p below vehicleno|1fs|1fsdate|1fslocation|1ps|1PSDATE|1PSLOC|2PS|2PS DATE|2PSLOCA e.g 1234|1FS|1JAN|PUNE|1PS|7JAN|PUNE|2PS|15JAN|MUMBAI PLS help me out to execute using sql query

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write a query to find out the no. of employees whose age is less than 25 and max of salary for the employees belonging to a particular department is less than 20000

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trans_id trans_date trans_amt debit_credit_indicator 001 01-JAN-13 1099 cr 001 12-JAN-13 500 db 002 24-FEB-13 400 db 002 23-MAR-13 345 cr 001 18-APR-13 800 cr 002 15-MAR-13 600 db 001 12-FEB-13 200 cr i want like this output trans_id trans_date trans_amt debit_credit_indicator 001 JAN 1599 cr no.of trans 2 i want trans_id and trans_date like 'JAN' or 'FEB' etc, trans_amt i want all credit amount - debit amount per each trans_id. and debit_credit_indicator and no.of transactions in a month.

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How to count the no of records of a table without using COUNT function?

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