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Wat is SGA ?

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Wat is SGA ?..

Answer / swapneswar

system global area(SGA) is a shared memory regionallocated
by ORACLE that contains data and control information for
one ORACLE instance

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Wat is SGA ?..

Answer / mohit lalwani

SGA known as System Global Area and is a part of the Oracle instance.

SGA consist of different memory structures which are

-Shared pool (mandatory)
-Database Buffer Cache (mandatory)
-Redo Log Buffer (mandatory)
-Large Pool (optional)
-Java Pool (optional)

-SGA is sized by sga_max_size

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Wat is SGA ?..

Answer / narayan mishra

->SGA stands for System Global Area.
->it store the data and control information for oracle srever.
->it can be shared by database processes.

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