how to pass entry in tally Rs 50000 cheque paid to son by father

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how to prepare for accontant examinations

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"A" has two divisions of "B" and "c".In our system we have two vendor accounts of B&C.We have received one Non PO invoice of B and posted wrongly in C and its got paid.While reconciling the account we got this error is happend.We contacted the C and asked for refund.But C said,he transfer internally the amount directly to B and he will not refund the amount.How we will settle this entry in our books. If we reverse the entry...there is one invoice needs to be reverse and payment doc needs to be we can settle this in our books...

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Mutual Funds

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can u explain the meaning of Work Contract Tax in breif.

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how many types of currencies are there in oracle r12

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Distinguish between Profit and Loss Account and Profit and Loss Appropriation Account.

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what is the process of cenvat credit taken in service tax( in direct & indirect service)

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Accounting basic rules with example relevant to day to day business

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What is the difference between Issue & Sell / sale?

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what is groups and and ledgers in tally can you give why we need to prepare them

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What is contra entry?

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