how to pass entry in tally Rs 50000 cheque paid to son by father

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I have received a cheque from customer and i deposited into the bank next 4-5 days cheque has been bounced by the bank. Pls tell me what is reverce entry in the tally for cheque bounced and which option i will enter in journal or payment entry. Salary . is it direct exp or indrect exp.

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Purchases book records: (a) All cash purchases. (b) All credit purchases. (c) Credit purchases of goods in trade. (d) None of the above.

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what is the different between nominal account and real account ? and then personal account ?

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20. Between educational qualification and practical work experience, give us a brief explanation on your practical experience in your past Endeavour that you performed well to the satisfaction of your past or present employer?

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what is withholding tax

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what is bank reconciliation?what is reconciliation of account and what type of accounts maintain in colleges?

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genteral interview question for accounting

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cheque deposit is a contra entry?

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Received Invoice from Tvs Co. against purchase of 15 pcs of Mouse @ 750 excluding VAT 4%, Pass journal entry in the necessary books of accounts?

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how we mainatin account for a construction company or firm

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how will rectify the error in trial balance.

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