How to pass journal entry of gifts purchased for employee by using campany ATM card

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What is absorption costing with defination? and what is marginal costin with defination?

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What is the Rate of VAT applicable on Electronic & Electrical goods?

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Interest on capital will be paid to the partners if provided for in the agreement but only from________ (a) Profits. (b) Reserves. (c) Accumulated Profits. (d) Goodwill.

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What do you mean by Accounting ?

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In the income statement we may get profit or loss but the name of the statement was Profit and Loss account Why it was so?

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How to show Airticket Expense on Company's A/c as Company expense

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What is invoice processing can u explain it?

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Regarding vat return,I have 3 units can i return at a time for 3 units vat return only one vat form. Kindly suggetion the same how to do.

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what will be the possible question for an interview in account post as a fresher

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my brother is out of country i have lost his bank passbook when i was going to bank for the entries is their essential to take duplicate pass book can my brother is present for this.

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what diff. between current assets and non current assets? with example.

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what is a corporate chart of accounts and its purpose?

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