How to pass journal entry of gifts purchased for employee by using campany ATM card

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What we have to post entry for payroll processing ? (Indian payroll)

0 Answers   Tally Solutions,

our cheque to Arshad Khan was dishonored?

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how we maintain account for a coaching institute?

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I m working in NGO. we have taken loan from a person or other project in march and returned in may. So what are the entries in tally should be. what are the ledgers to be created and under which group? what are the journal entries?

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what is t code of gr/ir report?

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what is the definition of derivative, what is a security?

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if I m taking a loan from bank of AED 20 lakhs @ 10.25% per annum for 10 years how much amount as intrest I need to pay in this 10 year period of time to bank.

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What will happen if an organization not maintain the sufficient working capital?

5 Answers   Capital IQ,

Credit Limit enhanced the Bank 10Cr to 15 Cr How to post the entry in accounting books

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can you give me debit n credit rules

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Entry for revenue item will be Expenses A/C Dr to Cash. But in the Profit and Loss account we will see the expenses with a pre fix of To Expenses Why?

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What is CRR ? How it Works?

2 Answers   DMRC,