How to pass journal entry of gifts purchased for employee by using campany ATM card

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what is asset in accounting

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Goods destroy by fire-journal entry?

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What is BRS Adjustment entry?

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Ours is a technology firm. We got a contract of 1 lac. It is payable at the end of the contract. How you will recognize revenue?

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What is ROI?

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how to pass journal entries for recivables & payables if they are paid next asses year

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if we import the good from usa rs 50000 and deposite in ware house what is the entry in tally

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When the closing stock will be reflected in trial balance & at what value

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How bank reconciliation statement is prepared

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What is a accounts? and why have u prepare Accounts only one methods ?have a possible a different pattern?

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1.What is the entry sales and Purchases including discount and TCS 2.if sales but suddenly road accident and only party received 80% and balance staled the insurance company what is entry in accounting booked

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what is the meaning of Cost center?

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