Sir how the enter of GST adjust of sales return

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What type of Question asking in Interview for Infor LN profile for an experienced person.

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What is the TDS deduction & Service chargges for FY 2011- 2012

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how to calculate the rate of hard ,soft and very very hard rock rate of cubic meter

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What is the prior period item ? and please give some examples with entries and that account head come under which ledger(creation of ledger)

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Sir, I want to know about Entry Tax. I purchased the Packing Box from other state.the entry tax on the packing items is 5 %.but now sale tax deptt. close the entry tax on barrier. the tax will be deposited with return. sir we want to know can i deposit this entry taxon on CST challan or not. if not then how can i deposit, or which cloumn in return shown this amount. please send the return format my mail ID is

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what are the voucher entries in tally for medical insurance

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parent company loss deduct from subsidiary company proft

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Expand SEBI

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what is factoring

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What is CRR ? How it Works?

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