Which countries have two official national anthem ?

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Imagine you are standing in front of a mirror, facing it. Raise your left hand. Raise your right hand. Look at your reflection. When you raise your left hand your reflection raises what appears to be his right hand. But when you tilt your head up, your reflection does too, and does not appear to tilt his/her head down. Why is it that the mirror appears to reverse left and right, but not up and down?

9 Answers   Microsoft,

if a 36 cm thread is used to wrap a book , lengthwise twice and breadthwise once, what is the size of the book?

10 Answers   CTS,

) Difference between two numbers is 4 and their product is 17. Then find the sum of their squers?

2 Answers   TCS,

You need to purchase a textbook for nursing school. The book cost $80.00, and the sales tax where you are purchasing the book is 8.25%. You have $100. How much change will you receive back?

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The Highest Mountain in the World______________

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84 mens complete the work in 17 day. how much time 119 person take to complete the work.

4 Answers   Banking,

ab*cd=EEE the ab*d=?

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A father age is 30 years older than his son and he has thrice of his son age after 5 years.Find father's age?

9 Answers   Tesco,

5) Failure to use null indicator variable when referencing a nullable column will give the following SQLCODE a) +150 b) –001 c) +276 d) +305

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If the diagonals of a rhombus are 8 cm and 10 cm respectively what will be the area of the rhombus? (a) 35 sq cm (b) 40 sq cm (c) 30 sq cm (d) 20 sq cm (e) None of these

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Indira is three times older than yogesh while zaheer is half the age of wahida.if yogesh is older than zaheer then which of following statements can be inferred. 1.yogesh is older than wahida 2.indira is older than wahida 3.indira may be younger than wahida 4.none of above

2 Answers   ACIO,