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What are the types of testing can be performed on facebook login page?

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What and where are the policy statements that dictate quality assurance in your project?

1 Answers  

What is verification?

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what appraoch do u use in your organisation to test the new build(tseting approach)?

3 Answers   IBM,

Requirement Analysis – Rs1000, Code Review – Rs500, Review of User Documents – Rs600, Continuing Education Programs – Rs800, Design – Rs400, Then what is the Cost of Quality?

3 Answers   ACS, Infosys,

can we write testscripts without using any automation tool if yes so how can we write it or which terminology is used for writing it?

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What actually a SQA Tester do in His/ Her first (entry level) Job?

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What is the difference between preventative and reactive approaches in testing?

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can anybody explain me the role of QA in every phase of SDLC (PHASE WISE) to privent from bug.with real life example.1)requirement analy.2)designing 3)coding 4)testing 5)implementation 6)maintenance. PHASE WISE

2 Answers   Aloha Technology,

Give me an example of the best and worst experiences you've had with QA.

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What are The Main Sources of Software Bugs

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Enlist some automation testing tools.

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Hi QA, Do any QA's give us the detail status of review happening during the entire life cycle (if templates includes it will be very useful for us) ?

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