a cheque is received from a debtor and is deposited in the bank on the same day. what will be the journal entry?

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What will be the journal entry for advance payments made to the other parties?

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purchased a laptop for Rs.50000 and received one calculator costing Rs.1000 for free. Both laptop and calculator (stationery in nature) are meant for office use.What will be the journal entry in the books of both the parties?

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Assume that the real risk-free rate is 3% and that inflation is expected to be 8% on year 1,5% in year 2,and 4% thereafter.Assume also that all Treasury bonds are highly liquid and free of default risk. If 2-year and 5-year Treasury bonds both yield 10%,calculate the difference in the maturity risk premium on the two bonds.

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What is the diffrence between Suspense a/c and imprest a/c

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what is suspense a/c?

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What is meant by Deferred Asset?

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what does LAT stand for in FYE statement

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What is a Funds flow statement?

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What is the TDS deduction & Service chargges for FY 2011- 2012

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why bank interest comes in indirect exp. in accounting method? what it is the TDS?

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The purpose of accommodation bill is_______ (a) To finance actual purchase or sale of goods (b) To facilitate trade transmission (c) When both parties are in need of funds (d) None of the above

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