a cheque is received from a debtor and is deposited in the bank on the same day. what will be the journal entry?

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Premium collected by Insurance co. What will be all Journal entries & effect in the book of Insurance co in Transaction date & Period end date.

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Can you tell me entry tax will be applicable on Spectacles purchase from u s a  

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What are the current liabilities & current Assets

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What is BRS?

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1)Why closing stock or stock always a positive balance is any reason for? 2)if i am working in IT company what is my Accrual?

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6. Your grandfather is 75 years old. He has total savings of Rs.80,000. He expects that he live for another 10 years and will like to spend his savings by then. He places his savings into a bank account earning 10 per cent annually. He will draw equal amount each year- the first withdrawal occurring one year from now in such a way that his account balance becomes zero at the end of 10 years. How much will be his annual withdrawal?

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Please guide in details about Payroll in Tally.erp9??

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Under which group in airtel a/c ledger

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What is the entry for bank guarantee,

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what is capital reserve?

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The trial balance cheks: 1)Arithmetical mistake 2)honesty of the book keeper 3) valuation of the closing stock 4) nature of the business

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