what was the VAT rate on inverters(home ups) in karnataka on 2016??

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if salary paid per month Rs 80000/ I will deduct TDS from his salary, please what I do explain.(send Urgently)

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Which Schedule must prepared with Balance Sheet as a supporting documents. breifly explain? like depriciation,debotrs,creditors

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What is meant by Cost of Improvement?

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I want to know the liability of tax agaisnt 'C' Form if i am not able to produce the form in front of authority.

8 Answers   ABB, Join Leader Chemtech,

While issue of C form to the seller, c form can be issued on either before @ 2% CST or after @ 2% cst. If so, what is the logic.

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If a person purchased goods by paying vat but while selling no vat has been collected and if he is registering his firm under vat need to pay vat after registration?

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We had tax audit in our tour company. After examination of our tax account they have given us out standing tax liabilities in two type (1) corporate Tax (2) Vat. Now question is that in which ledger these liabilities will come and how should I pass entry for both in accounts. Kindly request to you please answer me

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What is MAT? and whom its applicable and what its rate?

7 Answers   Bank Of America,

why is service tax recievable shown as dr balance under liability in b/s

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What is the procedure of geting vat refund for construction division where output is nill?

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should pranav mukherjee has done things good, by giving burden to vodafone a huge tax liabilty.....it will not affect our fdi???

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how will you make vat returns?

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