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Test case for flight reservation system

Test case for flight reservation system..

Answer / d.sandesh

1. To check whether the page is possible to login without providing user any details
2. To check and try to login the page with three characterstics user name .
3. To check and login the page with valid username
4. To check and login the page with valid username and invalid password
5. To check and login the page with valid username and valid password
6. To check whether the password is encrypted form while entering the same
7. To check whether the application is accepting the date in DD/MM/YY format
8. To check whether the application is accepting the date in MM/DD/YY format
9. To check the date by entering the same in MM/DD/YY but execute the test by providing the single digit value for date and month E.g.6/7/13
10. To check whether the drop down list box are listings the name of the boarding places
11. To check whether the drop down list box are lisitng the name of the destination places to select the place.
12. To check the application whether it is showing the availability of the flights with date and timings of the departure
13. To check whether the cursor is moving to the name of the passenger field for entering the passenger name who is going to travel
14. To check the application is allowed to selecting the class of travel by clicking the available options like first, second and business class
15. To check whether the application is showing the details of the passenger order once it has been placed

plz correct me. when u r find any defect or mistakes if any.

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