P pages read in d mins after day p+1 pages read in d+1 mins last day 379 pages done in 317 mins find p+4

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Imagine that u r driving a car from mysore to bangalore at a speed of 75mph.car no is KA-19 DB1955. distance between bangalore and mysore is 250 Km..... Now tell me wat s the date of birth of the driver............

24 Answers   Vodafone, CTS, ADP, HSBC, BPO, Infosys, AP, HOV Services, Prodapt,

if 1+1 = 2 what will be 1-1 ? if 1+1 = 11 what will be 1-1 ? if 1+1 = 1 what will be 1-1 ?

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We have 2 poles 5 m and 7 m height ropes are connected from top of one to tthe bottem of another find the intersection height of those poles.

5 Answers   Patni,

Please send the SBI Clerical Post model question paper.

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

sir i need catholic syrian bank previous question papers fully. it will be helpful for me to greater extend .please do the needful to me.

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Mr. Kamal Kishore rents a private car for Andheri-Colaba- Andheri trip. It costs him Rs. 300 everyday. One day the car driver informed Mr. Kamal Kishore that there were two students from Bandra who wished to go from Bandra to Colaba and back to Bandra. Bandra is halfway between Andheri and Colaba. Mr. Kamal Kishore asked the driver to let the students travel with him. On the first day when they came, Mr. Kamal Kishore said, "If you tell me the mathematically correct price you should pay individually for your portion of the trip, I will let you travel for free." How much should the individual student pay for their journey?

2 Answers   Freshdesk,

500 men are arranged in an array of 10 rows and 50 columns according to their heights. Tallest among each row of all are asked to come out. And the shortest among them is A. Similarly after resuming them to their original positions, the shortest among each column are asked to come out. And the tallest among them is B. Now who is taller A or B ?

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81

18 Answers   CTS,

1)You take a test, and 60% pass the first time and 40% fail. The second time around,80% pass the test and 20% fail. The third time, 90% pass and 10% fail. a. What is the probability that you pass on the 2nd time? b. What is the probability that you pass on the 3rd time? c. What is the probability you fail?

2 Answers   TCS, Winit,

give me an some aptitude question asked on interviews

3 Answers   Satyam,

there r 100 people who buys juice if v take 500 random sample we find 75 people who buys juice then how many random sample they need 2 find remaining 25 buyers

7 Answers   TCS,

A man is going to an Antique Car auction. All purchases must be paid for in cash. He goes to the bank and draws out $25,000. Since the man does not want to be seen carrying that much money, he places it in 15 evelopes numbered 1 through 15. Each envelope contains the least number of bills possible of any available US currency (i.e. no two tens in place of a twenty). At the auction he makes a successful bid of $8322 for a car. He hands the auctioneer envelopes number(s) 2, 8, and 14. After opening the envelopes the auctioneer finds exactly the right amount. How many ones did the auctioneer find in the envelopes?

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