P pages read in d mins after day p+1 pages read in d+1 mins last day 379 pages done in 317 mins find p+4

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can anyone provide the answer for the puzzle below There are 25 horses,in each race only 5 horses can participate.how many races are required to select best 5 horses out of 25. need answer with detailed explanation

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if u love someone u can arrange these 10 letters in 5 words I H O M U R E Y N A

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if 8men works 8hrs per day for 8days get rs.45,then how many men required if the work is 5hrs per day for 10days they get rs.60?(want solution with steps)

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Mrs. F has invited several wives of delegates to the United Nations for an informal luncheon. She plans to seat her 9 guests ina row such that each lady will be able to converse with the person directly to her left and right. She has prepared the following list. Mrs. F speaks English only. Mrs. G speaks English and French. Mrs. H speaks English and Russian. Mrs. J speaks Russian only. Mrs. K speaks English only. Mrs. L speaks French only. Mrs. M speaks French and German. Mrs. N speaks English and German. Mrs. O speaks English only. How many distinct seating arrangements are possible? Give all possible seating arrangements. Note that ABCD and DCBA are the same.

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1) You have 8 coins. 3 of them weigh x units, 3 y units, 1 a units and 1 b units. They are all mixed and look identical. You have to find the lightest coin in minimum number of weighing .

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|3\3 9/9| ! 3["9"" ["39"" | \9/ | ¡ "9""]3 ""9"] YOU "" "" understand this Mssg!! Send

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Tanya wants to go on a date and prefers her date to be tall, dark and handsome. 1. Of the preferred traits - tall, dark and handsome - no two of Adam, Bond, Cruz and Dumbo have the same number. 2. Only Adam or Dumbo is tall and fair. 3. Only Bond or Cruz is short and handsome. 4. Adam and Cruz are either both tall or both short. 5. Bond and Dumbo are either both dark or both fair. Who is Tanya's date?

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Certain words are coded as follows : BEAR-9281, DRUM-0683,PRY- 485 AND DOOR-7899.What is the code for ‘R’?

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u use any operation solve this problem 45-45=45

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A man has Ten Horses and nine stables as shown here. [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] The man wants to fit Ten Horses into nine stables. How can he fit Ten horses into nine stables?

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A cow is standing 5 feet from the middle of the bridge .A train is at a distance of 2 times length of the bridge from direction in which cow is nearer to end of the bridge is coming at a speed of 90 miles/hour.If cow moves towards train it will be saved by 1 foot.If cow moves away from train it will be hit by three inches of cow (i)Find length of bridge (ii)Find cows speed

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At University of Probability, there are 375 freshmen, 293 sophomores, 187 juniors, & 126 seniors. One student will randomly be chosen to receive an award. What percent chance is there that it will be a junior? Round to the nearest whole percent

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